Coffee Wholesale

We start with great ingredients. Behind the amazing flavors of great coffee and chocolate are the real heroes, the farmers.

The complex flavors from coffee and chocolate don’t come from fancy labels, big names, flashy baristas, latte art and shiney chocolate boxes.  They come from very talented farmers who put all the flavor into the beans (really seeds) we all enjoy. Everything we do here at Zero Tolerance, from roasting the beans to tempering the chocolate, is to bring the flavors the farmers grew into their crops to you.

Before we can use these amazing ingredients, we have to move them from the farmer to our location. Without great importers who are willing to work with micro-roasters, these delicious foods would never make it through the legal “protections” from multiple governments and agencies.

In a sad world without those to help us navigate this treacherous world, small roasters and home roasters would be stuck with the old, dry and stale beans we could source in the 1990s.  We currently purchase our green coffee and cacao beans from two select importers and ensure the talented farmers are well compensated.

We roast our coffee and cacao on a 3 kilogram Mill City roaster.  Thanks to their unique design, which allows us to control drum speed, airflow and temperature in a unique way, we are able to refine our roasts to extract what we find are the best flavors in our green coffee and cacao. 


Chocolate Wholesale

Cacao presents a few more obstacles than coffee. Cacao production in Africa is often fraught with corporate and governmental abuses of farmers and farm workers. For this reason, we use special care when selecting our raw cacao bean suppliers. This is also why we adhere to a very strict definition of “single origin.”

Some chocolate makers mix commodity deodorized cocoa butter with their single origin beans. In calculating percent of chocolate present in a bar, cocoa butter is included.  This means that an 85% Colombian Tumaco may have 75% Colombian Tumaco, 10% industrial cocoa butter and 15% sugar. This should not detract from the flavor of the chocolate and we do not question the integrity of chocolate makers who use this method.

These are some of the best in the business who have done wonders both for craft chocolate and farmers. Some craft chocolate makers have even begun making their own cocoa butter, which is a wonderful development for the industry. Because we want to ensure all the farmers who contribute to our product are well paid and because we do not have an industrial cocoa press, we choose not to add cocoa butter to our bars.


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