Bagged Whole Bean Coffee

Artisanal coffee beans, craft roasted in-house to perfection. We bag and ship by hand. Thus ensuring each bag of coffee beans is sealed for freshness. We roast using top of the line equipment in our historic Britton location on Route 66 in Oklahoma City. And of course, our roasters are expertly operated ensuring a perfect roast on every bean. Each cup you brew carries the unique taste of the underlying bean, creating a robust and flavorful cup of coffee. We roast often and have many blends to ensure you have the freshest cup of coffee possible. And of course, our coffee is sourced in a direct manner meaning you know where the beans come from.

We have a tradition of sourcing our coffee directly through legitimate sources, ensuring the farmers are properly treated. Before we can use these amazing ingredients, we have to get them from their source to our roaster. The ingenious importers who work with micro-roasters like us, are vital to this process. Without them, these great coffees would never make it through the government and agency “protections”. Furthermore, small and home roasters would be stuck with the same old, dry and stale beans from the ’90s. We purchase our green coffee and cacao beans from two select importers so that the talented farmers remain profitable. When you order you can rest assured that Zero Tolerance coffee is never going to hurt another person; as we have a Zero-Tolerance policy for bad coffee.