Who We Are

Zero Tolerance Coffee and Cacao

We are a micro coffee and cacao roaster dedicated to bringing high quality coffee and chocolate at a reasonable price while ensuring farmers are well compensated for high quality products.  Zero Tolerance was founded by Roy and Maura Baker while Roy was deployed to Afghanistan.  

Our History

Humble Beginnings

Maura first roasted coffee in the mid 1990s with an Ethiopian friend.  She used a frying pan and some old, stale, dry beans from a Middle Eastern market in Dallas, Texas, resulting in what was technically roasted coffee.  Since then, we have been dedicated to learning the art of roasting small batches at home, eventually buying a Hot Top and finally a professional 500 gram sample roaster.

Coffee is Connection

What is Your Zero?

During a deployment to Afghanistan, Roy was sharing his coffee with some other soldiers, who asked if they could buy his coffee.  The seed was planted in fertile ground, eventually growing into Zero Tolerance Coffee and Cacao.

This emphasis on the flavor from the farm is also why we don’t add flavors to our chocolate.  With the exception of our whiskey-barrel-aged coffee and chocolate, we don’t offer flavored coffee and we don’t offer flavored chocolate.  We have absolutely no problem with those who enjoy their chocolate and coffee flavored and there are a lot of makers who do this very well.

Some producers have been mixing a small amount of an origin chocolate with commodity chocolate and calling it “single origin” or “artisanal.”  While this lowers their cost and, sometimes, the price at which they offer their product, we do not believe this practice is either honest or ethical.  If you would like to audit our process, it is open for all to see at our shop.


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