About Us

Hey, Look at us!

We’re two very average looking people. One has a moustache, the other is balding. No photoshopping us.

Maura is from Montana. Her family came to America from  Eastern Slovakia and Poland in the late 19th Century. She and her family have maintained their culinary traditions which you can experience in our chocolates, pastries and food. Maura raised four boys, two of whom are now serving in the United States Navy. Maura loves her adopted state and has taken Oklahoma as her beloved home. She is the primary coffee and cacao roaster as well. 

Roy, the owner of Zero Tolerance Coffee and Cacao, is from old (definitely not important or wealthy) Oklahoma families. Some came to Indian Territory before 1820, some were forced to Indian Territory from their homes in Tennessee, and one came in a land run. He is a Cherokee Nation Citizen, proud of his family’s heritage, always trying to honor the culture, community and family that brought him his values. Roy is also a member of the Oklahoma Army National Guard, served in Afghanistan and is a proud member of 1–160th FA. Roy refines and conches the chocolate, assists with roasting coffee and tries to stay out of trouble when managing logistics.


Our chocolate is real. We don’t photoshop our pictures to make us look pretty and we don’t spray sparkles you probably shouldn’t be eating all over the outside of our chocolates. We don’t add unnatural colors and rarely add flavorings to our chocolate.

We are about reality. We buy real coffee beans and real cacao beans from real farmers for above free trade prices. We understand that farming and raw processing agricultural products is an art and a calling. We treat and pay our farmers accordingly.

We try to bring our customers a taste of something that reflects the true, good and beautiful through the flavors in our coffee and chocolate. It sounds simple enough, but most people in Oklahoma have only tasted manipulated, manufactured, flavored and fancified chocolate. We’re trying to show our fellow Oklahomans the extensive range of flavors in real chocolate. 

We love every piece of our business, from our farmers to the person eating the chocolate and drinking the coffee. We sell online, but hope you can come to this great land of Oklahoma for a visit. If you aren’t from here, every part of this state is incredible. The worst parts are usually along the interstate. Get off the highway, take smaller roads, like Route 66, and see Tahlequah, McAllister, and, eventually, Zero Tolerance Coffee and Cacao in Old Town Britton, OKC. If somebody tells you Oklahoma isn’t nice, they’re probably from Texas and they’re just jealous.


Just some cool kids making chocolate!

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