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Thank you for your patience during our street improvement .

Icy Day at Zero Tolerance
Picture of a handsome shop owner gazing upon a lovely winter sunrise. Orange and purple hues offset a glowing Zero Tolerance Coffee House sign against the backdrop of a still-sleeping Britton district.

Our location
in Historic Britton

Veteran-owned and centered in historic Britton town, on Britton road. We are located on Route 66 in Northwest Oklahoma City, off Western. Drop in and purchase a coffee or chocolate bar; or just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Where it all began...

Born in 2019,  Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate’s life began in the slightly dilapidated, hopeful town of Britton. 

Foodies with a passion for making things from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients. Come taste real chocolate, perhaps for the first time! 


Monday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Saturday: 8-3:30

Saturday Brunch 9-1

Sunday: Closed

Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate - Coffee House

Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate’s Coffee House location at 919 W. Britton, across from the Ritz Movie theater (now home of Woodworks Distillery). 


Cafe Latte
Picture of a cafe latte with amazing latte art in an orange cup on a slate tile with an autumn bouquet of flowers.

Roasted in-house, our coffee is always brewed to showcase its potential. We have a wide range of hot and cold options from a variety of coffees around the world. We take all our coffee seriously and have Zero Tolerance for  low-quality, “regular” coffee. For our coffee, we use a Cyclops Immersion Batch Coffee Brewer, which provides a delicious brew every time. We use an older lever for our espresso and espresso based drinks. We use Red Ridge Creamery Milk and Cream in our milk drinks. They are an incredible dairy in Lahoma, Oklahoma.

Artisanal Tradition

Picture of Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate logo. Black against white background. Not too big. Not too small.


We roast fine cacao and coffees in Old Britton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on a spur of Route 66. With 200-year-old roots in Indian Territory and Oklahoma, we are veteran owned and operated and take great pride in our community, city and state. Our Zero Tolerance policy extends from the quality of our products and services to our trade practices. We source directly from independent farmers, ensuring they are properly compensated. The farmers, our community and our customers are our life blood, and we treat them with great care and respect. We developed our coffee roasts to complement our brew methods and the coffee brewing methods used by our customers.

Siyo Chocolate!

Picture of Okie Foobar. A tasty creation by Siyo Chocolate in which crispy peanut butter is wapped with craft dark or light chocolate.

We are a bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker.  That means we source our chocolate from small family farms, bypassing an industry fraught with poor labor practices.  We lovingly roast the beans to peak flavor, crack, winnow and stone grind each small batch.  Finally, we temper and shape into single-origin bars or unique bonbons or baked treats for you to enjoy!

Transparency: Our raw Cacao comes from top quality, independent cacao suppliers using transparent trade. We ensure our farmers receive the best prices for the highest quality cacao. We pay more for our raw cacao than many chocolatiers pay for finished chocolate. This shows both in how our farmers are compensated and in the quality of our chocolate.