Zero Tolerance

Coffee and Chocolate

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Hand roasted, and whiskey-barrel-aged, our beans are ground and brewed fresh daily. We have a wide range of hot and cold options, from a variety of beans around the world. We roast our beans in-house using world class equipment, such as our Cyclops Immersion Batch Coffee Brewer which provides a dynamic and pristine brew every time. Likewise, we press and steam our own lattes and cappuccinos using Red Ridge Creamery Milk and Cream. Stop in today, or order online and join us in having ‘Zero Tolerance for Bad Coffee’.

Artisanal Tradition

We provide the Britton community in Oklahoma and America as a whole with the finest chocolates and coffees. Located on Route 66, we are an artisan brand with a history of working with small independent farmers to supply you with the finest of roasts on the finest of beans. We source directly from independent farmers ensuring they are properly compensated and that there no excess fees to do business for them. Our Zero Tolerance policy extends not only to quality of our products and services, but also to our suppliers and our community on the whole.


We roast and temper our chocolate to perfection in-house using topflight equipment. Our bean-to-bar approach is like no other. First, we take pride in directly trading with top quality independent suppliers. As a result, we are able to procure the finest Cacao available, without causing financial damage to the farmers. We then hand-roast and hand-temper our chocolate to perfection. After which, we mold and wrap the chocolate; thus, making it a perfect gift. Brewing our own cold brew

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In Historic Britton

Veteran-owned and centered in historic Britton town, on Britton road. We are located on Route 66 in Northwest Oklahoma City, off Western. Drop in and purchase a coffee or chocolate bar; or just enjoy our homey atmosphere.